File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
arraylist.hAutomatically resizing array
avl-tree.hBalanced binary tree
binary-heap.hBinary heap
binomial-heap.hBinomial heap
bloom-filter.hBloom filter
compare-int.hComparison functions for pointers to integers
compare-pointer.hComparison functions for generic (void) pointers
compare-string.hComparison functions for strings
hash-int.hHash function for a pointer to an integer
hash-pointer.hHash function for a generic (void) pointer
hash-string.hHash functions for text strings
hash-table.hHash table
list.hDoubly-linked list
queue.hDouble-ended queue
set.hSet of values
slist.hSingly-linked list
trie.hFast string lookups

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