SDL Sopwith

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The latest release is the 2.4.0 release (released February 2024).

Apple logo macOS package (x86 64-bit; macOS 10.7+)
Windows logo Windows binary (32-bit; .zip archive)
Open source logo Source code (.tar.gz format, GNU GPL v2+)

Tux and Beastie

Linux and BSD

For Linux and other open-source operating systems we focus our efforts on getting SDL Sopwith into as many different package repositories as possible. If you don’t see your favorite operating system in this list, help us fix that!.

Alpine Linux sudo apk add sopwith
Arch Linux yay -S sopwith
ALT Linux apt-get install sopwith
Debian sudo apt install sopwith
Fedora dnf install sopwith
Flatpak flatpak install flathub io.github.fragglet.sdl_sopwith
FreeBSD pkg install sopwith
OpenSuSE zypper install sopwith
Ubuntu sudo apt install sopwith
Void Linux sudo xbps-install sopwith