SDL Sopwith

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The latest release is the 2.3.0 release (released May 2023).

Apple logo macOS package (x86 64-bit; macOS 10.7+)
Windows logo Windows binary (32-bit; .zip archive)
Open source logo Source code (.tar.gz format, GNU GPL v2+)

Tux and Beastie

Linux and BSD

For Linux and other open-source operating systems we focus our efforts on getting SDL Sopwith into as many different package repositories as possible.

ALT Linux apt-get install sopwith
Debian sudo apt install sopwith
Fedora dnf install sopwith
Flatpak flatpak install flathub io.github.fragglet.sdl_sopwith
FreeBSD pkg install sopwith
OpenSuSE zypper install sopwith
Ubuntu sudo apt install sopwith
Void Linux sudo xbps-install sopwith